One word


You come out of nowhere one day, declaring yourself as you go… worming your way gradually under my skin, until I acknowledge you without me consciously knowing it.  So when you finally decided to disappear, it felt like all my skin are ripped off from me, leaving me hurting – heart getting squeeze to oblivion even because of the pain you left behind.  

Its funny how the saying goes “you never know how much you miss something / someone until its gone” rang true this time.  Countless of people, be it boy or girl can attest to this statement especially those people who lost something/someone important to them.  Or rather people who lost something/someone and realize that something was important to them.  Something/someone that’s so insignificant and easily brush away or dismissed one day could turned into something importunate, thence something worth missing when its gone.

The lesson I’ve learned on this part of my life was, nothing lasts forever.  Just enjoy the moment while it lasts.  And when its over, live through the pain and smile.  That way, you can tell yourself that you enjoy both side of Hello and Goodbye.

 I know that hurting sucks, no amount of gentleness can ease a heartbreak, but atleast you will be able to get over it and remember it one day and be able to smile.


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